Welcome to the Consultation for the Babies Package! This “course” is for clients who have purchased a full package, where they will be working one-on-one with me for a 2 week program. Taking this small consultation “course”, will educate these parents on topics like sleep facts, awake times, daytime schedules, bedtime routines, as well as exactly how to do sleep training for both nights and naps. It’s everything they need to know so we can get started. 

Throughout this consultation, I use a series of video “lessons” to deliver the education you need to be successful. I broke up the consult into both parts and sections, so it will be a bit easier to digest. Each session consists of a video with 2-3 parts to it, where I use PowerPoint presentations as a visual with my voice explaining what you’re seeing on the screen.

I am a very detailed person, and I like to give lots of information to parents. I realize that can sometimes be overwhelming, so I like the idea of sharing on videos that could be played back as many times as necessary. I also encourage you and your spouse/partner to both watch the videos so that you’re both on the same page when we get started.

This package includes access to a document library, where you’ll find all kinds of applicable PDFs for you to view, download, or print for our 2 week journey together. There are also references to these documents in the consult “lesson”. I include an audio library, where I go through some extra “what if” scenarios through audio clips. I have a list of all the “must-have” products that parents are always asking about. And finally, there’s also a copy of my book, “All Things Sleep: Kids”.

When you’re done watching all the videos, simply shoot me an email at ronee@sleeptasticsolutions.com, and we’ll set up a time for a 30-45min call before you get started. During this call, we’ll go through any questions you might still have, and I’ll talk to you about anything that I saw on your questionnaire that I feel we should discuss. After that you’ll be ready to start that night! 

As your package indicates, we’ll also have 2 additional follow up calls, as well as 2 weeks of unlimited email/text support to get you to your end result! Again, let me know when you’re done this consult course, so we can set up your consult call. And if you’re interested in this course, but haven’t yet spoken to me about it, please visit my Babies Package page to learn more about what’s included.

You can then email me at ronee@sleeptasticsolutions.com (or click on the Contact button above), if you’d like to schedule a free 15min phone chat. Or, if you have already purchased a package, then please click below to get started!