Welcome to Sleep School: Babies! I’m excited to see you here, since that means you’re thinking about signing up for this awesome course! I have 7 very important questions for you:

1) Do you have a child aged 5 months through 3 years that is in a crib (or that you want to be in their crib) but who is not sleeping well?
2) Is your #1 wish that your child would just sleep through the night?
3) Is your child fighting at bedtime, waking through the night, waking early, or taking short naps?
4) Would you like to learn how to help your child become an independent sleeper? It is possible, I promise!
5) Do you want to learn more about sleep in general (ie sleep cycles, sleep facts, regressions, etc)?
6) Would you like to know how sleep deprivation can affect our children and ourselves?
7) Are you ready to make the changes needed in order to have your entire family sleeping better?

If you answered yes to any one of these things, then you definitely need to sign up for my 14 day course! I’ve personally helped hundreds of families like yours take back control of their lives! I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that marriages have been saved, sanity has been restored, relationships have been repaired, and bonds have been made stronger all because of something called sleep training!

Below you will find the daily lesson topics that are covered in the course. As you can see, I start you off with the basics, or sleep foundations. It’s important to understand why things happen like they do and when they do. I talk about routines, environment, charting, and other important things needed for your sleep training journey. Then I move to other things that should be factors when choosing a sleep training method that’s right for your family, like your child’s temperament and your parenting style. And then I jump to the different training techniques for bedtime, night wakings, and naps. I answer your “what-if” questions and give you great tools to help with parental stress and anxiety (we all need that)! Finally, I wrap it all up for you and give you some direction on getting started.

 I’ve worked long and hard on coming up with these topics and developing this course, so I hope that it’s all you could ever want in a sleep training course and more! Besides the daily lessons, which include videos and text, I’ve also included many printable and downloadable PDFs. In fact, I have an entire library full of document files and also audio clips to help you further in your journey, as well as a list of “must-have” products for your sleep training journey! There is absolutely no reason why you can’t be successful, if you follow my instructions in this course. In fact, here’s how one mom did when she recently took the course:

We have seen an amazing difference in our 11 month old twins. We had one pretty good sleeper (when she wasn’t being woken up) and one who was up for hours several times a night. Now our girl sleeps the night through and has to be woken up most days and our boy is sleeping almost all the way through, just having some early wakings that have been improving each week. They hardly ever cry when being put in bed now. No more hours of crying! Naptime is so much better now too. They are sleeping so much more soundly and don’t need mom or dad to come get them every time they wake up.”

~Shelley M. from Virginia (mom to 11mo old boy/girl twins)

Because your success is my success, I’ve included ways to ask simple questions or get clarification on something you’ve read or watched. You can comment at the bottom of on any day’s lesson, participate in a closed Facebook group just for course attendees and private clients of mine, and you can always email me privately using the Contact link at the top of every page. You can also choose to visit and “like” my Facebook pages “Sleeptastic Solutions – Children” and “Sleeptastic Solutions – Adults” for important sleep articles, blogs, studies, upcoming events from me, and funny memes (we all love those)!

If you’re ready to say goodbye to sleepless nights, then click below so you can start making positive changes in your family’s sleep health today! I promise you won’t be sorry you did! Thanks for visiting!