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Course Age: 2 – 5 years old (in their own bed – any type)


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I love being able to work with parents one-on-one, helping them complete their sleep training journey from start to finish! It’s so satisfying for me to see the positive changes that happen in a family, when a child (or children) start sleeping through the night. I wish I could clone myself so I could help more people, because sadly there’s only so many clients I can help at one time. This issue is what caused me to want to create online courses. Doing so allows me to be able to deliver my messages to many, many parents!

I’m sure you’re wondering if this course is right for you. Well, I have 7 very important questions for you that will help you decide:

1) Do you have a child aged 2 – 5 years old that is in a toddler or big kid bed (or that you want to be in their own bed) and not sleeping well?

2) Is your #1 wish that your child would just sleep through the night?

3) Is your child stalling at bedtime, requiring you to lay with them, waking through the night, coming to your bed, waking early, or taking short naps (if they’re still napping)?

4) Would you like to learn how to help your child become an independent sleeper? It is possible, I promise!

5) Do you want to learn more about sleep (ie sleep cycles, sleep facts, regressions, etc) and parenting (ie how to handle all of those nighttime meltdowns, temperaments, parenting styles, etc) in general?

6) Would you like to know how sleep deprivation can affect our children and our relationships?

7) Are you ready to make the changes needed in order to have your entire family sleeping better?

If you answered yes to any one of these things, then you definitely need to sign up for my 14 day course! I’ve personally helped thousands of families like yours take back control of their lives! I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that marriages have been saved, sanity has been restored, relationships have been repaired, and bonds have been made stronger all because of something called sleep training! But you don’t have to take my word for it. Here’s what 1 mom recently had to say after taking this course and successfully implementing the sleep training afterwards:

“I really enjoyed taking this course and learning about the behaviors of my kids and why they weren’t sleeping thru the night. By tweaking my bedtime routines (less time between bath and bed, more consistent bedtime, time between nap and bedtime) I was able to get my twins to sleep thru the night. Twin A hasn’t had a night terror since I have started and they rarely get up at night now!

It was 3-4 times each prior to taking the course! I also learned a lot about the room itself and how complete darkness can make a difference. I myself can sleep either way so I didn’t realize how it was affecting my kids sleep! Thank you for teaching me so much and helping my girls get the sleep they need!”

~Jessica C from Minnesota (mom of 3yr old twin girls)


Below you will find the daily lesson topics that are covered in this course. As you can see, I start you off with the basics, or sleep foundations. It’s important to understand why things happen like they do and when they do. I talk about routines, environment, charting, daily schedules, and how to know when to put your child to sleep.

Then I go through the 5 types of sleep training, breaking each of them down by type, age group, pros/cons, temperaments, and parenting styles. As both a pediatric sleep consultant and parenting coach I will then give you my expert opinion on what I think is the best method for this age group! I will also let you know exactly what to do, step-by-step, for bedtime, night wakings, and naps (for those still taking them).

I answer a bunch of “what-if” questions and give you great tools to help with normal toddler behaviors, as well as for parental stress and anxiety (we all need that)! Finally, I wrap it all up for you and give you some direction on where to start first and be super successful!

I’ve worked long and hard on coming up with these topics and developing this course, so I hope that it’s all you could ever want in a sleep training course and more! Besides the daily lessons, which include videos and text, I’ve also included many printable and downloadable PDFs.

In fact, I have an entire library full of document files and also audio clips to help you further in your journey (that you get lifetime access to), as well as a list of “must-have” products for your sleep training journey! There is absolutely no reason why you can’t be successful, if you follow my instructions in this course. 


Because your success is my success, I’ve included ways to ask simple questions or get clarification on something you’ve read or watched. You can comment at the bottom of on any day’s lesson or participate in a closed Facebook group just for course attendees and private clients of mine (link is in the Day 1 lesson).


You can also choose to visit and “like” my Facebook page “Sleeptastic Solutions” for important sleep articles, blogs, studies, upcoming events from me, and funny memes (we all love those)! Finally, I have a free, closed Facebook group called “Gentle Parenting Solutions“, which is a group open to the public for parents to talk about all kinds of parenting topics. You can join this group, even if you decide not to move forward with a course!

If you’re ready to say goodbye to the bedtime battles, nightly visits or calling out from your child, and those sleepless nights, then click below to go to the checkout page. Once you’ve purchased the course, you’ll immediately unlock the course lessons below so you can start making positive changes in your family’s sleep health today! I promise you won’t be sorry you did! Thanks for visiting!

*Note: Not all results are typical. Your success with the course is dependent on how much time and effort you put into doing the things I talk about in the course, as well as your consistency with the program, among other things. 

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