Welcome to the Infant Massage course!

Course Price: $49

Course Age: parents of children aged 0-12mos

Learning how to massage your baby is one of the simplest, most enjoyable things you can do with your child! With this course, you will learn how to perform the proper massage techniques on your baby or babies.

Infant massage is meant to be initially performed on babies under 1 year of age (or under 7 years old for children with special needs), though it is something you can and should do with your child/children for many years to come! It also means that you can take what you learn here for your baby and adapt it to your older kiddos too!

The strokes taught have been created by Vimala McClure, author of Infant Massage, A Handbook for Loving Parents. Vimala is the founder of the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM), with headquarters in Sweden. Infant Massage USA is the US chapter under which I am certified as a Certified Infant Massage Educator (CEIM).

There are many benefits of infant massage:

  • Helps with infant and parent bonding / attachment
  • Relaxation for baby
  • Helps baby to feel loved and nurtured
  • Helps parents learn about their baby’s needs and desires
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Facilitates body awareness
  • Sensory stimulation
  • Boosts immune system
  • Improves skin condition
  • Relief for gas and colic symptoms
  • Helps digestion
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Balances respiration
  • Helps with waste elimination
  • Relief for teething pains
  • Helps to build parents’ and baby’s self-esteem
  • Relaxes parents
  • Pleasurable experience
  • Stimulates production of Oxytocin (hormone produced during massage that be useful as a pain reliever, has a calming effect, reduce stress, and enhances the bonding process)

Over the 7 lessons, you’ll learn techniques for your baby’s legs, feet, arms, hands, chest, stomach, face, and back. You’ll also learn special strokes specifically for the stomach to help with constipation, gas pains, and colic symptoms.

And if that’s not enough, you’ll also learn yoga stretches that you can do with your baby to encourage flexibility to help with rolling, sitting, crawling, and standing!  You can see all of the lesson topics below. You can take as many lessons as you want each day, as long as you take them in order.  Each lesson has both a written version of what to do via a slide show, as well as videos to show you exactly how to perform each stroke.

There are also printable PDFs available to reinforce what you’ve learned. You’ll receive lifetime access to the course, as well as all of the videos and printable PDFs. You’ll also receive access to the Sleeptastic – Clients and Course Members private Facebook group! 

Once you’re ready to get started, you simply need to click on the “Take This Course” button below. After you’ve checked out and purchased the course, you can return back to unlock all of the lessons and start immediately!

All documents can be found on the special Member’s Home page (it’s the Home button once you’ve logged in) under “Documents – Infant Massage”.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! I think you’re going to LOVE this course, and I can’t wait to “see” you on the inside!


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