Welcome to the Postpartum Doula Services page! This page is for general information about what you can expect from me, as well as having lifetime access to the many different educational PDFs (see below).

Let’s go over some of the typical duties of an in-home postpartum doula (some of these things would not apply to virtual clients):

  • breastfeeding/bottle feeding support
  • education/support to care for your baby (ie bathing, feeding, changing, diapering, swaddling, etc)
  • care for your newborn and other children while you rest, shower, or eat (or tend to your other children)
  • meal/snack preparation, as well as help with future meal prepping/planning
  • reassurance and emotional support
  • help/support with soothing your newborn
  • light housework (ie dishes, children’s laundry folding, general tidying up)

Not all doulas are created equally. I am blessed to be able to have expertise in other areas as well, which is why I am also able to offer you the following (for both in-home and virtual clients):

  • breastfeeding support, including help with latching, pumping, hand expression, or anything else
  • how to perform infant massage on your baby for better bonding, less crying, and more
  • basic understanding of newborn sleep so you can set your baby up for future sleep success
  • nursery assessment to ensure baby’s sleep safety
  • tips and tricks for YOUR sleep
  • your postpartum diet, either with or without breastfeeding
  • stress/anxiety management
  • exercise/activities for you as you heal
  • time management for juggling all that you now have to do with your newborn, other children, pets, household, work, etc
  • parenting tips to help your other children adjust to their new sibling

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For those who have already purchased your doula package:

To access the educational documents that come with this service, simply click the “Start Course” button below.  Follow the instructions you received in the email sent to you to obtain your access (contact Sleeptastic Solutions if you have questions or need it resent). Once you’ve “purchased” the package, click on the Home button (once you’re logged in). Click on the Document Files for Postpartum Doula Services link to see all of the printable/downloadable PDFs. 

You may also want to check out my list of all the “must-have” products that parents are always asking me about. You can email me at ronee@sleeptasticsolutions.com (or click on the Contact button), if you have any questions about anything here or in the documents.

If we’ve not yet had our first in-home consultation or online consult, please note that we will be going over these documents during our time together. I ask that you please hold off on viewing documents that we haven’t yet gone over, since it might lead to confusion or more questions. The only exception to this would be the Local Resources file, which is fine to view whenever (note: this is only for the Lehigh Valley, PA area).