Sleeptastic Philosophy

My main focus here at Sleeptastic Solutions is working with families to help them holistically with their sleep, lactation, nutrition, parenting skills, life choices, career, stress management, and overall health. I work with all kinds of parents from around the country, including attachment, helicopter, authoritative, authoritarian, and others (if you don’t know what some of those mean, take my parenting course to find out). 

My courses are designed to fit the right audience, whether it’s a sleep, breastfeeding, nutrition, infant massage, or overall parenting need you have. It’s important to me to having multiple sleep courses, because every age group has different needs and I want to be sure that you’re getting the information you need for your child’s age group. Even my courses are designed to be as custom as possible!

My Story

My name is Ronee Welch, and I am the owner of Sleeptastic Solutions. I am certified in pediatric and adult sleep (specializing in twins/siblings and older kiddos), lactation (I’m an IBCLC), infant massage, gentle parenting, nutrition, postpartum doula education, and health & lifestyle coaching. I’m also a certified American Red Cross CPR instructor! And I’ve had additional certification trainings in oral habilitation for babies that need or have had tongue/lip tie releasesl, infant/child mental health and herbal supplementation.

I have a dual bachelor’s degree in both Marketing (BS) and Management (BA) from DeSales University in Pennsylvania. I’m a member of the Lehigh Valley Breastfeeding Coalition, and I’m also the Eastern Regional Director (USA) for the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants, which is a worldwide association made up of many types of sleep consultants.

I am married with 4 children and live in the Lehigh Valley (PA). It was my middle two children (identical twins) who started me on my journey to become a pediatric sleep consultant. After being very lucky with my first daughter’s sleeping, I was not so lucky with my twin girls. At just about 7mos old I implemented sleep training with them, and it was beyond successful! In just a few short weeks, I had 2 babies sleeping 12hrs straight at night and taking (2) 1.5hr naps during the day.

Life was definitely good after that, but getting to that point was not so easy. The struggle I had with the one twin, led me to want to help other frustrated parents get answers quickly so that they could be successful in a shorter amount of time than I was. I also enjoyed the benefits of “sleep teaching” (not sleep training) my newborn son, so I’m passionate about teaching parents-to-be and new parents about good sleep hygiene. Click here to find out more about my one-on-one infant and child sleep services!

My journey with wanting to help tweens, teens and adults with their sleep stems from the overwhelming amount of older kids and adults I meet with sleep issues. I am always amazed at how many people do not sleep well! I am happy to now be able to use a combination of holistic and cognitive behavioral therapy (for insomnia) approaches to help everyone and anyone with their sleep struggles! Click here to find out more!

My struggle with breastfeeding my 3 daughters is what led me to want to become a CLC back in 2015 and now finally an IBCLC in 2023. I was lucky enough to finally have success with my son and exclusively breastfeed him until 1 year. It was such a tough process, and there was so much I had wished I knew before having my girls, that it prompted me to want to help others with their struggles. I am available to work with you one-on-one, either in-person here in the Lehigh Valley area or virtually. Besides helping families with all the basics of latching, positioning, weighted feeds, etc, I specialize in helping those with lower milk supplies increase that supply by using “outside of the box” thinking. Click here to find out more about my lactation services!

When it comes to health and lifestyle coaching, this passion has stemmed from the fact that the work I do with adult sleep clients is very similar to what I might do with a health or life coaching client. I look at your struggles from a holistic viewpoint, understanding why things are happening so that you can work on the root causes vs just fixing the symptoms. I also specialize in pre/postnatal nutrition, so that I can help moms and moms-to-be with their diet and overall health during this special time. In fact, I highly recommend my Prenatal Bundle Package for expectant parents to learn about breastfeeding, sleep, and nutrition! You can take the course today! Or you can click here to find out more about any of my one-on-one services!

Last but not least, I’m a parenting coach! I started out as a Love & Logic instructor, but I soon realized that I had more to offer parents. I’ve combined the best components of many programs, as well as utilizing my own parenting knowledge, to design a program to help parents with their skills. This program provides tons of tools you can use, as well as examples and printable charts, to help you get the results you want from your children without even raising your voice! You can take either a DIY course (under the Courses tab) or you can set up a series of one-on-one consultations. Click here to find out more!

Next Steps…

As you can see, my life experiences may have started me on this wonderful journey, but it’s my dedication to continuing education that has allowed Sleeptastic Solutions to grow and evolve. Let me help you gain the same successes as I have been afforded over the years! I have the skills and knowledge to help you and your entire family sleep, eat, and feel their best (check out my testimonials page if you don’t believe me)!

My hope is that one (or more) of my courses is exactly what you need in order to get your family doing their best. If, however, you prefer to work one-on-one, I’m always available for those services as well. You can click here to set up your free 15min phone assessment so you can tell me a little about what’s been happening and find out if my services are right for you and your family!