Welcome to the Sleeptastic “Must Have Products” page! This is where I share all of my favorite products with you! I’m often asked what I recommend for a variety of products, so I created this page to know what I like best. You can also click the picture and be taken right to Amazon to purchase or find out more about that product. While I am an Amazon affiliate, the reason why I created this was truly to help parents know which products might be better than others. I chose these products for no other reason other than I believe in them!



***Sleeptastic Solutions is an Amazon Affiliate. These products have been hand-picked by Sleeptastic Solutions, as trusted products that they approve of and are often recommended to clients. The manufacturers of these products are not paying Sleeptastic Solutions for their endorsements. The goal is to provide parents solutions for common sleep-related issues and basic needs for children, as well as being a source of information for parents looking for recommendations. Please note that purchasing any of these products does not mean that your child will have sleep training success, nor will Sleeptastic Solutions be held responsible for products that parents don’t like.