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Course Cost: $59

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Course Cost: $59

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If you love the idea of online learning, but you’re a little nervous about making changes on your own, then check out the group coaching courses! With group coaching you’ll get the benefit of learning at your own pace, but knowing that you’re not alone on your journey. You’ll get everything you see here in the DIY courses, PLUS you’ll get one month to be in a closed group with sleep expert, Ronee Welch, and other parents!

This will give you the opportunity to ask questions along the way, so that you can stay on target and have a successful sleep training journey. For just $10 more, it’s more than just a bargain, it’s a game changer! So once you know which course you need, then head over to the Group Courses to sign up!


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After struggling for years with my first child’s sleep, I knew I didn’t want to do that again with this baby! I was excited to be able to learn about sleep before my son is born so I can start him off on the right foot. I wanted to make sure I had his room perfect, understood what his schedule should look like, and that I was as prepared as I possibly could be. I loved the info I learned here and I can’t wait for my little guy to arrive so we can all sleep as well as we can! Great course!
Jess from Pennsylvania (mom of 1 girl, 6mos now expecting a boy)

Prenatal/Newborn Sleep Course

This course has been a true lifesaver! Before this course my husband and I hadn’t slept for 7 months. The twins were up every 2 hours EACH, which meant we weren’t sleeping at all. I was feeling depressed about everything, and I wasn’t able to be the mom I wanted to be. I had heard wonderful things about Ronee, but with my being on maternity leave we sadly couldn’t afford to hire her. Then I found out about this course! I was nervous to take it, thinking I would be too tired to learn anything but I was determined to change things! My hubby watched during his lunch breaks and I watched whenever I could throughout the day. We were able to get through the videos and make the changes we needed to in order to get my whole family sleeping through the night. In less than one week, both babies were happily going to sleep and sleeping all night! The icing on the cake was also getting them on an AWESOME nap schedule too! This course really went above and beyond my expectations! We’re all sleeping and feeling better these days, so thank you so much for everything!

Ellie from Georgia (mom of 7mo old boy/girl twins)

Babies Course

I’m so thankful I decided to “try” this course! I wasn’t sure anyone could actually help my son sleep through the night, let alone using a course. But Ronee had a bunch of tips in the course and charts to print to help parents during the sleep training. I couldn’t believe that my son never even cried one tear either! I was prepared for an epic battle every night but it never happened! I don’t know what kind of magic Ronee has, but this turned out to be one of the easiest (and most beneficial) things I ever did! I just wish I wouldn’t have been so scared to get the help sooner! Thanks for all your help and this great course!
Sabrina from Ontario, Canada (mom of 3 year old son)

Toddlers/Preschoolers Course


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