Welcome to the Sleeptastic Solutions site for learning! Here is where you will find all of the available online courses you can take, as well as the option to purchase my book, “All Things Sleep: Kids!” (ATSK) and/or membership programs. I invite you to please look around and see what might be a better fit for your family! You can click on a star below to find out more about the course or membership you’re interested in!

If you scroll to the bottom, you’ll see a section about a free webinar, where you can learn about some of the more basic sleep issues. If, however, you discover that books or online courses aren’t really what you’re looking for, please note that you can always hire me to help you one-on-one with a customized sleep or parenting plan. You can visit www.sleeptasticsolutions.com to learn more about those packages.

For children aged 1 day through 4 months old

For children aged 2 – 5 years, who are (or will be) in a bed of their own.

Parenting course for children aged 6mos through 18yrs old!

Learn all about bedtime routines, daytime schedules, and awake times needed for kids so they can fall asleep quickly and stay asleep!

For children aged 5 months – 2 years, who are (or will be) in a crib or the like.

Nutrition course for postpartum mothers and their families (all ages).

Click on a star below to find out more about the book/membership package you’re interested in!

“All Things Sleep: Kids!” e-book, logs, and charts

Basic Package plus lifetime access to the Documents & Audio libraries (more than 40 files)

VIP Gold membership plus unlimited access to a private forum page, monthly call-ins, and quarterly educational webinars



For some parents, all you need is the link to the courses above, and you’re ready to jump in and get started! Awesome! But I know the thought of diving right into a sleep course can feel overwhelming to other parents. If you would like to learn a little more before tackling a course, I totally get it!

I created a free webinar called “5 steps to getting your child to sleep through the night”. It’s a great way to get better acquainted to all-things-sleep! It will also allow you to get to know me and understand a bit better how the courses would look and feel (I use the same technology in my courses). Here are some topics covered in this 75 minute free webinar:

-science about how sleep works
-understanding WHY things are happening with your child’s sleep
-how much sleep your child actually needs
-stress/CIO concerns
-detailed explanation of 5 things you can do right NOW to make a difference in how your child sleeps
-bonus sleep tip about naps and awake times
-more info about how the courses work

So if this sounds like something you’d like to see, then just click the “SIGN ME UP!” button under the picture on the right! Once you click on the “Register Now” button, you’ll be able to choose whether you want to watch the webinar immediately or schedule a time that better fits your needs.

And, you can even pause, start, and stop the webinar whenever you need to! As a fellow parent, I know how hard it is to get 5 minutes to yourself, let alone 75 minutes, so I know how beneficial it is to be able to digest the webinar on your schedule! Again, just click the “SIGN ME UP!” button and get started!