Welcome to the Sleeptastic Postpartum Nutrition Course!

Course Price: $59

Course Age: postpartum mother and family


I’m excited to see you here, since that means you’re thinking about signing up for this awesome course! This course will teach you how to better choose and prepare meals for yourself and your family. If you’re here to lose some weight, awesome! You’ll lose weight in the most healthy manner, without losing your milk supply if you’re breastfeeding, and without the aid of supplements, shakes, pills, special meal plans you have to buy, special coffees, or anything else! And guess what? I won’t ask you to give up your favorite foods either! In fact, you won’t be cutting out your beloved carbs, fats, or anything else! Nope. It’s just not necessary.  

If done right, you should be able to lose some weight (provided that’s your goal), without having to give up everything you love or by taking all kinds of “extra” stuff! And while I think being active is very important, you can still lose weight without exercising! Crazy, right?!

Here’s what one mom had to say recently about her 6 week one-on-one journey…

“After having my son about 8 months ago, I just couldn’t lose the weight and felt pretty “blah”. I knew I wasn’t eating the best, but I didn’t know how to change it or what to eat instead. Ronee taught me how to eat healthier while keeping up my breast milk supply, which has resulted in my losing 5lbs in just the first month! The best part is that I wasn’t even trying!

It was a great bonus, but I really just enjoyed making the changes and feeling better. I really liked learning about meal planning and have found it to be a huge help in my eating better! I also find myself checking labels all the time, now that I know what I’m looking for. This was a great 8 weeks for me! I’m excited to keep this up and continue losing weight in a healthy way (I’ve lost 11lbs total now so far in 2 months)!”

If that’s not enough, I decided to make some changes to my own eating habits recently, and I was able to lose 12lbs in 8 weeks (so far)! All I did was follow my own instructions, so I know that this program works! You not only receive great education (which I believe is key to long-term success), but you will hopefully see yourself becoming a healthier person.

In this 8 week course, you are going to learn about the different types of macro and micronutrients (that includes vitamins and minerals), fibers, and whole grains. We’ll talk about the things that are important with these nutrients, and where you can find them, as well as talk about vitamin supplements for when you don’t get enough from your foods. I’ll tell you about how you can make simple changes to your diet to better incorporate them.  Because when we know better, we do better!

You’ll also learn which foods to eat/avoid for common health concerns (ie high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, fatigue, thyroid disease, anemia, stretch marks, and more). We’ll discuss breastfeeding at any stage of the game, introducing new foods to your child (including older kids), and I’ll share some fun eating games that you can use with your toddlers and older kiddos!

One of the most requested topics that I cover is meal planning and meal prepping. Once you’ve gotten all the info about what to eat and what to avoid, the next step is to go out there and get those foods so you can make them at home! I will share lots of tricks, sample meal/snack choices, and examples of how you can make the best decisions when it comes to you and your family’s healthy eating habits.

Because I believe in a holistic, lifestyle approach, I also think it’s super important to talk about how other facets of our lives can affect our food choices. In case you didn’t know, I’m not only a nutrition coach, but I’m also a pediatric and adult sleep consultant, lactation counselor, parenting coach, postpartum doula, infant massage educator, and health/lifestyle coach. This means that I will also be covering topics, such as hydration, sleep, stress, exercise, and more! Not only do I cover these topics, but I will give you tools you can use right now to make a difference in any of these areas that you might be struggling with.

While we start the program with expectations and how to use my favorite free app that I really feel can make all the difference, I end the program with some things you can do moving forward. In between, each week I will leave you with a “what to work on” slide so that you know what you need to that week. The entire course is meant for you to make changes along the way. You should NOT be waiting until the very end to start changing things. It’s much easier to handle things when you’re making small changes each week. This way you’re more likely to actually make the changes and keep up with them long-term.

Besides being a mom of four, I know the struggles of feeding your family (and trying to feed yourself) healthy meals. As parents, we rarely have time to sit and eat, and when we do it’s being snatched up by a sweet, adorable little munchkin who “just wants one little bite”.  Then, there’s the idea of trying to cook something healthy. Where do you start? How do you make changes your family will appreciate and eat? How can you avoid being a “short-order cook” for those lovely little munchkins?

So you’re probably wondering if I can help you with your specific situation. Well, let’s see… are any of the following 7 statements true for you?

1) You’d love to lose some weight in a healthy manner!
2) You’d like to understand what it is you’re feeding yourself and your family.
3) You were always interested in the idea of meal planning or prepping, but you weren’t sure where to start.
4) You’d like to learn how to shop smarter, while saving time and money.
5) You wished you had more knowledge about healthy food options, including organics and grass-fed beef/poultry.
6) You’d like to understand why you’re an emotional or stress eater and how to overcome it.
7) You’d like tips on feeding your baby or toddler new foods, or you’d like help getting your older child to stop being so picky.

If you answered “yes” to any one of these things, then you definitely need to sign up for my 8 week course! You will learn how to deal with all of the above and more! Because your success is my success, I’ve included ways for you to ask simple questions or get clarification on something you’ve read or watched.

You can comment at the bottom of on any week’s lesson or participate in a closed Facebook group just for course attendees and private clients of mine (link is in the Day 1 lesson). You can also choose to visit and “like” my Facebook page for articles, blogs, studies, upcoming events from me, and funny memes (we all love those)!

Finally, I have a free, closed Facebook group called “Gentle Parenting Solutions“, which is a group open to the public for parents to talk about all kinds of parenting topics. You can join this group, or like my pages, even if you decide not to move forward with a course!

Finally, here’s what Claire from Pennsylvania had to say about her experience with the course…

“I loved this program! I learned so much about nutrition that I didn’t already know. I have been making different food choices while shopping or out to eat, which I wasn’t able to do before. The best part is that I actually got my 2 year old to try asparagus! He thinks that eating game is great! My husband is also really enjoying that I’m experimenting with new foods. So far I’m 6 for 6 on the family liking my new recipes, so that makes me very happy!”

If you’re ready to say goodbye to those final pregnancy pounds, or are just ready to start a healthier chapter in your life, then now’s the time! In fact, I’m pretty sure that you’ll think that this is the best $59 you’ve spent in a very long time! It’s a great value, since you will have lifetime access, and there’s no hidden fees with special foods, drinks, or pills to buy! Each week you’ll have access to a new lesson, with email reminders about their availability for your convenience.

Simply click on the Take This Course button below to purchase the course and unlock the lessons immediately! Hope you come and join the Sleeptastic family! Thanks for visiting!

*Note: Not all results are typical. Your success with the course is dependent on how much time and effort you put into doing the things I talk about in the course, as well as your consistency with the program, among other things.