Welcome to the Postpartum Doula Services page!

With either an in-home or virtual postpartum doula service package, you’ll receive hours of prenatal and postpartum education and support. All of my services come with lifetime access to the PDFs we cover during our time together.

To access the educational documents that come with this service, simply click the button below (once you’ve logged in). Once there, you will find all of the printable/downloadable PDFs. 

You can email me at ronee@sleeptasticsolutions.com (or click on the Contact button), if you have any questions about anything here or in the documents. If we’ve not yet had our first in-home consultation or online consult, please note that we will be going over these documents during our time together.

I ask that you please hold off on viewing documents that we haven’t yet gone over, since it might lead to confusion or more questions. The only exception to this would be the Local Resources file, which is fine to view whenever (note: this is only for the Lehigh Valley, PA area).