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When parents say that their kids aren’t sleeping well, the very first thing I do is find out more about their daily and nightly schedules.


~When are they waking up in the morning?
~What time are the naps?
~How long are the naps?
~What time is bedtime?
~What are you doing during your bedtime routine?


All of these questions have to be taken into consideration before even attempting any sort of sleep training! If you don’t have the timing down right, you may not have reasonable expectations about bedtime, throughout the night, or for naps. It’s unfair for you to expect your child to go to sleep quickly and without a fuss, if the timing is way off. So, this absolutely has to be one of the first things you do!


This is why I created a low cost, easy-to-digest mini course about this very topic!

My goal with this course is to educate you! I want you to fully understand what I’m talking about, why it’s important, and how to figure out if your child is on the right schedule for their age. If you can figure these 3 simple things out, you have a chance of fixing your child’s sleep issues without having to do any formal sleep training! Yup, you read that right! It might all just come down to scheduling changes! How great would that be??

For just $9, you can click the TAKE THIS COURSE button below and find out…


-The difference between routines and schedules
-Why they are so important
-How much sleep your child actually needs
-What “awake times” are
-How to ensure you’re using the right amount of awake time
-How to adjust awake times
-How much sleep your child needs based on awake times and naps
-How to determine what the best bedtime should be for your child
-How long your bedtime routine should be
-How to handle kids who are stalling or fighting at bedtime
-How to create morning routines so everyone starts the day off being happy


That is a TON of info, and it’s all available to you for just $9! So if you’re ready to start learning TAKE THIS COURSE already by clicking below! It’s just 3 videos and will take you about an hour of your time in total. Oh, and if that’s not enough, I’ve added several PDF documents to help you get started!

So besides these 3 awesome PowerPoint videos, you’re also going to get access to the following PDF documents that you can download and print…

*Bedtime Routine charts (2 based on age of child)

*Reward charts (2 based on age of child)

*Morning Routine chart

* Sleep logs

*Breastfeeding & sleep logs (for newborns so you can track feeds, sleep, and soiled diapers)


You can use these charts to help your child become more focused around their routines, keep things consistent, let them feel empowered, motivate them, and keep things moving. These charts are most helpful for children over a year old. Babies won’t understand the charts, but they will understand your consistency though!

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Sleep Well, 

Ronee Welch
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